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The technical department of Daji Steel Tower Manufacturing Co. Ltd includes Technical Department No. 1 taking charge of the setting out of angle steel structures and Technical Department No. 2. taking charge of the setting out of steel tube structures. The total number of existing technicians is close to 300. The DAOPOWER TwSolid system, Xerofox LMA and TMA system owned could satisfy all setting out works for all kinds of structures at home and abroad.

The introduction of tower manufacturing industry in the current advanced production equipment and technology. In the processing equipment, large-scale use of CNC equipment and automatic processing equipment, the basic realization of processing automation. CNC high-speed drilling machine, automatic drilling machine, Italian CNC Angle steel, laser cutting machine, plate processing line and other more than 50 CNC processing equipment, fundamentally ensure the processing accuracy, and will greatly improve the production efficiency. The application of 3600t CNC steel tube forming machine, 2400t CNC bending machine, automatic pre-welding machine, internal and external submerged arc welding machine and other pipe making equipment, as well as the application of advanced molded molding pipe making technology, ensures the quality requirements of large-scale steel pipe tower production.