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Active Cooperation to Facilitate the Foreign Trade Export

The leaders of Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Mexicon and Nanjing Bank Visiting Daji for Communication

Liu Yi, the general manager, met with them and discussed the matters concerning cooperation.

In the afternoon of 22nd, January, Cong Sufeng, the vice chairman of Jiangsu Council for the Promotion of International Trade (ICC), Zhao Zhun, the chairman of Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Mexicon and Zhang Lingling, the vice president of Nanjing Branch of Nanjing Bank visited the group for investigation and communication, who were receipted by Liu Yi, the general manager of the group, Song Guofeng, the vice general president and Gao Wernyuan, the executive deputy general manager of Daji.

Cong Sufeng introduced the Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade. Jiangsu Council of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (JCPIT) is a foreign trade promotion organization on the basis of increasing mutual understanding and friendship, aiming to promote the trade, investment and economic technology cooperation and providing services for international contact, international exhibition, legal arbitration, economic and trade consultation, information exchange, license affairs, global sourcing, E-commerce and others. The research and communication in Nanjing Daji Company was intended to promote the mutual understanding and cooperate in the international trade.

Liu Yi reported the basic information of the group to the visiting leaders. Liu Yi indicated that Daji established its branch office in Jiangpu in 1997, which has gradually developed into an industrial sector dominated by tower manufacturing and a service sector dominated by tourism real estate. In response to the call of Pukou district government, it became the first enterprise to relocate to Qiaolin Industrial Park in 2009. At present, out company is the largest tower production and processing base globally with the area of 860 mu (1 mu= 666.667m2), accounting for half of the market share both domestically and internationally. By contracting the orders overseas through Shanghai Power Civil Construction Co., Ltd, we have contracted several turnkey projects in Kenya and Ethiopia up to now. Hereby, we sincerely expect to develop the overseas market of Daji and expand our foreign trade business for facilitating the opening up of Jiangsu to the outside world at a high level in all aspects through the assistance of Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Mexico.

Song Kuidong, the sales director, introduced the product types, workshop area, process equipment, invention patents, energy conservation, environmental protection, market and other aspects of Nanjing Daji Company to them in the form of promotional video and PPT, and made a detailed report on the international business. Subsequently, accompanied by Gao Wenyuan, the executive deputy general manager of Nanjing Daji Company, they visited the factory. Based on introductions and on-site visits, they greatly praised the industry-leading position of Nanjing Daji Company. Zhao Zhun, the Chairman of Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Mexico introduced the investment environment and the power demand in Mexico. He expects that Nanjing Daji Company could have a good development in Mexico and also prefers to provide effective measures for Nanjing Daji Steel Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd and Mexico Power Sector for facilitating the cooperation between both parties.

Zang Dacheng, the general manager assistance of the group, Wang Ji, the financial manager of the group, Zhao Dazhi, the production supervisor of Nanjing Daji Company, Huang Qifu, CFO, Li Dan, the deputy chief engineer and the related staffs in the international department participated in the reception.