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The Employer of 66KV Transmission Project for“SaltCreek·Australia” Wind Farm Visiting Nanjing Daji Steel Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

On 25th October, the employer of 66KV Transmission Project for Saltcreek·Australia (“Saltcreek·Australia”) Wind Farm, including 7 persons from Shanghai Design Institution and the unit of foreign employers, visited Nanjing Daiji Company for investigation and inspection, accompanied by the leaders of the Shanghai Branch of Nanjing Daji Steel Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The domestic employer of 66KV Transmission Project for Saltcreek·Australia Wind Farm is Shanghai Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd., the contract of which was signed in August, 2017. Daji was awarded for the bid of 4 tower models including 220 steel pipe poles, total 876 tons. The employer required to deliver the products in 3 batched within 45 days. For ensuring to deliver successfully, the management of the company paid more attention to arrange and deploy carefully from the date of signing the contract so as to ensure the steel pipe poles could be delivered to the site based on the delivery period required by the employer.

The 66 KV transmission project of Salt Creek Wind Farm is a major project of Australia electric power system, for which the foreign employer attached great importance and made a special trip to the factory for inspection. For ensuring to pass the first inspection in the factory, a team constituted by three persons from the Shanghai Institute came to the company for pre-assessment and acceptance on October 20, 2017, during which they inspected the related items such as drawings and processing requirements of the project, raw material certification, and spare materials, cutting, production, processing, packaging and other processes related to all internal and external quality control documents and related process descriptions, as well as the processes, specifications, regulations, and other related work links within the enterprise, and the on-site processing process.

After the inspection, Shanghai Design Institute discussed the notes and inspection requirements of the employer from Australia with the management of the company.

During the inspection of the foreign employer, the leaders of the company accompanied for the whole process. Accompanied by Gao Wenyuan, the executive deputy general manager, Zhao Dazhi, the production director and others, they also visited and investigated the pipe tower branch, angle steel branch, galvanized branch, finished packaging and other production workshops while practically inspecting the assembly process at the site. The tower model inspected is INTOFF with the nominal height of 23m. Test tower type: INTOFF, call height: 23M. In the process of trial assembly, by checking and inspecting the whole structure of trial assemble, parts, production equipment and tooling and the process for tower model INTOFF-23M in detail, the employer believed that the tower model satisfied the requirement of the design drawing and the technical specification, which could be processed in batches, during which, we won the praise and approval of the employer.

Based on the site investigation and inspection of Salt Creek Transmission Project by the employer, Shanghai Design Institution and the employer from Australia praised the production ability and technology of Nanjing Daji Company. As we know that Shanghai Design Institution would have other cooperation with Australia Grid in the future, the project could be the beginning of the cooperation between Nanjing Daji Company and Shanghai Design Institution and also a good start for Nanjing Daji Company to enter Australia market to a large extent.