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Pakistan NTDC CPP-04M-(R)-2017 PACKGE1&2&3 500KV Power Transmission Line Project

This contract was issued by the Pakistan Power Company NTDC in 2017, with a total of 31,000 tons of 500KV tower in three bidding sections. There are 24 enterprises participating in the bidding, including Chinese and Turkish manufacturers. At last, we won the bid of all three bidding sections, which is rare in bidding of NTDC line tower. The project is the one with the largest contract value in our company in Pakistan by now.

The project is designed by Nanjing Wanguo Electric Power Design Institution entrusted by NTDC, including 5 tower models and 803 steel towers, which would be delivered in three times as followings: the first batch is inserted angle steels, the second batch is 10,000 tons of steel tower and the third batch is 20,000 tons of steel tower.

Before shipping each batch of goods, a strict pre-shipment inspection shall be arranged in the factory, including physical experiments, chemical experiments, galvanizing inspection and trial assembly inspection, which usually takes 15-30 days depending on the quantity of each batch shipped.

In the project, we were responsible for the boxing in the factory. After completing the boxing and sealing at the factory, the products were shipped from Nanjing Port to Shanghai Yangshan Port for transferring by another large ship to Karachi Port, which took about 30 days. Once arriving in Karachi, NTDC transported it from the customs to its warehouse for inventory number under the supervision of the representative of our company in Pakistan for signing and handing over the relative documents. The project was completed after the official delivery of the products in May of 2019.

After the inspections, the inspection engineer on behalf of the employer, NTDC, highly praised the production ability and technology of Nanjing Daji Company and wished to strength the cooperation with Nanjing Daji Company in the future, while we Nanjing Daji Company also expected to contribute to the electrical infrastructure in Pakistan.