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Environmental Drill

In order to improve the level of environmental management, enhance the ability to respond to environmental emergencies, develop the emergency mechanism of environmental pollution, efficiently and duly handle sudden environmental pollution incidents, and ensure the health and ecological environment safety of employees and the surrounding community. Nanjing Daji Steel Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has held the emergency drill of environmental pollution incidents.

The government and the relevant departments of the district attach great importance to this emergency drill of environmental pollution. We conducted the following drills:

At 14:30 on November 17, 2020, the environmental inspector of our company found that the storage tank in the waste acid storage tank area was damaged and the waste acid leaked. After receiving the notice, our company urgently activated the emergency plan, the leaders, environmental management departments, relevant workshops, security departments and other personnel deal with relevant problems urgently and carry out rescue work orderly.

The pictures of the emergency drill are as follows: