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Nanjing Daji Steel Tower Company held a symposium with material suppliers

In 2021, Daji Steel Tower Company got off to a good start in sales. In order to meet the arrival of the production peak in 2021, establish a reliable, mutually beneficial and win-win supply and demand relationship, and create a new situation of sincere cooperation with suppliers and partners, Daji Steel Tower Company held a supplier forum on January 4. Leaders from more than 20 majors , including steel traders, power bolt manufacturers,logistics and transportation manufacturers gathered in Daji Holiday Village to have a discussion on business cooperation in 2021. Group and South Tower Company General Manager Liu Yi attended the symposium and made a warm speech.

Liu Yi pointed out that a good supplier is an important external resource for the development of an enterprise, an important basis for the survival and development of an enterprise, and an important promoter for the growth and progress of an enterprise. The relationship between enterprises and suppliers is interdependent, is the cooperation to participate in the market competition, win the trust of the main partners of customers. The ultimate interest and ultimate pursuit of both sides is the same, that is to make customers satisfied. Now the market competition is not a single enterprise to fight, but the supply chain and ecological chain support. The entrepreneurs present here are all part of this supply chain. They are all born out of the great development of domestic and international power transmission and transformation industries. They are all part of this chain.

Daji Steel Tower Company leaders Gao Wenyuan, Liu Deqiang, Song Kuidong, Dong Yongzhi attended the symposium.